One of the biggest satisfactions for BGM Elettronica is

the appreciation by our customers

of the high quality of the products manufactured.


The quality of BGM Elettronica, which is at the base of the full satisfaction of our customers, is the starting point for the design and manufacturing of all our products:
– Analysis/diagnosis of the customer’s needs and planning of intervention.
– Provision of the service with the help of professionals in possession of the competences and capacities required for the planned solution.
– Organization of all work phases for each job order, which represents the reference entity in terms of work times and quantities. Behind each single product there are many aspects that often are invisible but nevertheless fundamental, from the continuing education and training of the staff to the periodic maintenance of the machines, equipment and instruments, from the control of the external documentation (supplied by the customer) to the continuing update of the internal documentation (operation procedures, work instructions and forms), from the selection and monitoring of suppliers and materials to the purchasing of new equipment and instruments, from the monitoring of all data collected to their statistical elaboration.
In addition to all this, special attention is paid to other no less important activities like process feasibility studies, the management of internal audits, the revision of quality and all what is related to the administrative management. We place great importance on quality in our working methods and our team measures constantly and with determination its performance against the level of satisfaction of our customers.
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